Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day Three

Hi everyone! The last few days have been a frenzy of community service, partying, physics tutoring, and studying for the SAT. I am currently sitting at the very posh and chic Secunderabad Club, which means I finally found the time to update this blog!

The highlight of last weekend was visiting Shakila's band! They were absolutely mind blowing! Shakila was a fabulous singer and it was a joy being able to watch them. I even got to sing a song with her and I felt like a total rockstar.

And for the highlights of this weekend: On Friday Nalin took me to the club and then we went out to dinner with Chitra Auntie (Aunt) and Ravi Pednana (Uncle). It was such a wonderful evening. We went to this beautiful Chinese restaurant called Ohri’s and devoured the scrumptious cuisine while talking about all of my father’s childhood antics and memorable stories. It was so great to spend time with them! On Saturday, I spent the day with Rashmi (Cousin) , Madhuri (Cousin) , Anita Auntie and her husband, and Babi Mama. We went to see the anticipated new Hindi movie I Hate Luv Stories. At first, I was a bit hesitant about the movie considering the fact that I know about three words of Hindi, but I was eager to spend time with my cousins, Aunt, and Uncle, and so I went enthusiastically. The movie was awesome! I was able to get the gist of the movie and with translations provided by Rashmi, I really enjoyed it. After the movie we all took an Auto to GVK 1, one of the most glamorous shopping centers in Hyderabad. It was great window shopping and chatting with everyone and I had a wonderful time! I even got a pedicure. But no, not your typical pedicure, this one was done by fish. That sounds crazy, but at the mall there was a pool filled with fish, that suck the dirt off your body. At first, I was terrified to stick my feet in water filled with thousands of fish, but I did it. When I first put my feet in the water the fish swarmed me and I was terrified. I squeezed onto Madhuri’s hand and screamed my lungs out. But after the first five minutes of terror, it was actually quite relaxing. The fish cleaned off every surface of my foot and I left the “pedicure” with shiny and clean feet. It was quite the experience! After this long day, I returned home exhausted. Ammmama (my grandmother) and I went to the temple across the street, and then we returned home and relaxed.

Standing by the Aquarium at GVK 1!


  1. Chands

    It is great to see you getting into so many fun things. Shakila looks terrific (as always) and I am sure she sounds as good (if not better than)as she did many years ago. I am so glad you are getting to meet some of my cool friends from college. I hope you get another chance to spend time with Shakila and play her some of your demo tracks (or better still sing for her).

    I am so happy that you met your cousins and got to spend time with them. Hyderabad has really changed since the time your Mom and I lived there. We didn't have malls and other fun places to hang out. The Secundrabad Club was one of the few nice places where we could hang out and do things. I am so happy that you have had a chance to go to the club abd use the facilities.

    Te Queiro


  2. Fish pedicure!!! ***eeeewww*** but totally fascinating!