Friday, July 9, 2010

Child Developmental Center

The next department that I visited at Sweekar was the CDC (Child Developmental Center). This department is where behavioral therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, ADHD and Autism therapy, occur for children. In this department, I was able to get information on a variety of different cases, as well as interact with the children. Again, the staff here was helpful and informative. I garnered so much information on each patient because of their help and was really interested to learn more about the patients in this department.

One of my favorite cases here was Teja. He is two years old, and suffers from developmental delay with mild features of Autism. He was such a loving and affectionate boy. And it was obvious that he had no qualms about strangers, as he jumped into my arms with a huge grin on his face. The doctor had him play a couple of games. I noticed that Teja was very hyperactive and distracted easily. But when he did focus he was able to accomplish the tasks. Another thing I was interested in was the fact that he used both his left and right hand comfortably when he was completing the tasks. Maybe he's ambidextrous! I have stressed the importance of this again and again, but Teja's disorder was detected early. The parents were extremely smart to bring him to a doctor, because his chances of improving and returning to normalcy are much higher.

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