Monday, July 5, 2010

Day Five

This morning we woke up bright and early and headed to Sweekar-Upakar. I was thrilled to begin job shadowing in a new department. Today we were at the Physiotherapy Department. One of the biggest differences I noticed in this department however was that progress in the patients was clearly visible. For example, in certain cases like Autism and dyslexia it is difficult to see any apparent progress, but with physical therapy, improvement is almost always shown. There were so many different cases today, which allowed me to obtain a wide range of the symptoms and treatment used in physiotherapy. In fact, I hope to return to this department again tomorrow, in order to observe more of these cases. We asked for permission from one of the physiotherapy doctors to take pictures, so tomorrow I will take pictures of the patients and the techniques used in Physiotherapy and provide more information about it.

Yesterday, we had a surprise visitor! Shoba came to see us and it was awesome seeing her after such a long time! She worked for my Grandmother around the house when I was much younger. When I would visit we would always bond and so it was great seeing her after so many years. She brought her sister, her sister's children, and her own son. Her son Tarun was absolutely adorable, with the most beautiful and expressive eyes. Shoba and her family seem to be doing really well, and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet with them. Here are some pictures:

Another highlight of my trip was spending time with my father's side of the family. Today there was a Grapravesham (House Warming Ceremony) at Chinaseeta Mama's house. It was wonderful getting to see Sukhanya Nainama, KG Thata, Chandana Aunty, Babi Mama, Lalita Ammama, Anita Auntie, Rashmi, Madhuri and loads of other familiar faces again. Everyone was so hospitable and welcoming and I was so happy to see them all after such a long time. It was like a big family reunion! I wish my Dad could have been there to see all these people who he grew up with, but a picture speaks a thousand words of course, so I know he'll enjoy seeing these:


  1. Chands

    It is great that you got to see Physiotherapy in action. This is an area related to people care that is going to be in short supply in the future. I am quite impressed by the quality of the program at Sweekar. It is terrific that they allowed you to observe and participate in the interaction with patients.

    I am thrilled that you got to meet Chinna Sita Maama and the rest of the family at the Gruhapravesham. I have many happy memories associated with all of those people that you met. Your Grandfather (KL Thata) and Grandmother (Nainamma) were the patrons of the family and the love & affection that the family has for you is a direct testament to the many good and selfless things they did for so many of the family in the past.

    I love the photos especially the ones with Chinna Sita Maama - he looks good!!!! Did you ask him about his monopoly & chess skills.

    Te Quiero


  2. Hi Chands,

    When I first started school here in the US Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy here) was my main interest. Gave it up unfortunately but I'm glad you got to see what an important role PT plays in the lives of many. Hope you get to work there some more.

    You look cute in the 2 braids. You should switch to this hairstyle back home as well!! Its easier to maintain and better for your hair.

    enjoy the last 12 days you have in India.


  3. Chands,

    We are so proud of you; amazing! keep it up and enjoy.